Battle of the genders

I was astonished with this new slang... Smash and pass? Amazing to see the value of people diminish for a good time. Yet at the same time hearing guys wonder what happen to the good ones. The facts are simple so many have been hurt used and played to point more players were born.Sadly women are the bigger players nowadays since they were never valued to begin with why should they value you. There is a plot twist many didn't see woman having that ability. Women are typically seen as the emotional ones but times have changed women have been played enough to where they are now detached. In the virtual world it has become full force, but sadly like the men has given the good women a bad wrap through assumptions that they too just quote on quote virtual hoe. Many women have even played to their advantage Ive seen through Tic Tok even, reminding guys after the break up the guys have to call the next girl where the woman are just 1 photo from the men calling on her.

Has society really become a world of takers, forgetting human worth, being a solid for one another. Building that solid relationship to know you have each other. Scary thought is there such thing as finding true love or will it just be another friends with benefits to avoid being used, left heartbroken and feeling like a clown. Ponder this, what are teaching these younger generations on what love really is.

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