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I was recently told I ruffled some feathers on my last post. How could i dare blast women being apart of the new trend of Fuck girls. Fun facts… truth hurts. I personally don't care if a guy or girl is playing with people's emotions for toxic fun or finances is just a low ball move and speaks volumes of one's own worth. Point blank, that's some toxic ass shit, and shows you have low value in yourself. Let hit some more truth. At the end of day Men, and I stress men not boys, want that ride or die female, the one that can grab others attention but stay solid. Vice versa, let be honest real women the same, we all that solid man despite having options stays solid for his woman. Stop playin people. Be that woman that swerves 4 maybe 5 guys a week for your ride or die, make those men envy your man because he has that boss bitch that knows her worth and respects it vs appearance of a competition . Men be that King, makes the females envious of your Queen, don't entertain the silly hoes

Facts: Men know to build that empire you need 1 solid female, where boys multiple females. Boss females know they only need 1 man to build their empire as well, vs girls thinking a few men get it done. How do I figure? It's simple, let me explain with simple metaphors. The realist ones know having that 1 person to build an empire is more solid foundation vs multiple. Compare 1 solid concrete slab used to build from, whereas if you have multiples it gives holes in the slab, basically giving room for cause division, inevitability separation. Seriously take a moment let it sink in. At the end of the day this world really needs more Kings and Queens vs Bros and hoes.

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