Stranger Danger

Experience has taught me many things along the way. Either learned from the personal or seeing behind the scenes of behaviors and how the simplest act can uplift a person, but how those same actions could be destroying another. Proven theories are that the sexes behave, interact and perceive things so differently and on different levels. Society doesn't need a psychology degree to even acknowledge the differences. In the madness of the gaming life so many people have taken basic consideration for how they behave and forgotten it, lost in the transition of a pixel world. I hear so many say how a person can hurt another through a screen. Truth is words and actions are unbelievably powerful, despite the fact it's just a game in a gaming world we have actually taken steps outside the games by the use of discord, line chat and we chat this is the turning point where it becomes personal. Does the term Stranger Danger ring a bell? Well if not DING DING!

Key facts before entering this type of lifestyle is knowing and owning one hard truth… You have no idea who that person is on the other side of the screen. You may think you know based on the sweetest messages, or the consistent flirts or playing with them for years in an alliance, but ask yourself this do you really know person. So many women fall into this danger zone out of loneliness and wanting to be desired. Women need to feel as they are wanted, this where the first mistake happens. The player knows all he has to say is one thing they all say: I'm not like the rest, I'm the real deal, or my personal favorite. I'm not looking for a one time thing. The gaming world is filled with playas or otherwise known as fuckboys. But don't for one second think it's just men. People tend to forget the female on the other side of the screen could be just as bad, sometimes even worse than the man. Men and women both have weaknesses and in the psyche of a player this weakness is the key to let the games begin.

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